Jeffrey fancies himself a maker.  Creative contemplation is his raison d'êtreHe firmly believes in the transformative power of live theater to heal, to educate, to contextualize, to empower, to dislodge, to humble, to ignite, to quicken, to delight, and also to entertain. His introduction to the possibilities of collaborative art thru theater came first at Minnesota's Perpich Center for Art's Education in Minneapolis.  In 2003 Jeffrey earned a Bachelors of Fine Art with concentrations in Scenic Design and Performance from The University of Minnesota -Duluth. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Fine Art at Boston University. He's lived many lives, and worn many hats over the years -among them: Facilities Manager, Scenic Carpenter, Interior Designer, Landscaper, General Contractor,  Furniture Sales Consultant, Facilities Engineer, Bus Boy, Scene Designer, Swimming Pool Operator, Props Master, Sandwich Artist, Farm Hand, Student, Instructor, Technical Director, Barista, Theater Systems Integration Estimator, Actor, and Artist.  He likes to ask questions and to seek answers and he readily admits that our world is colored in varying shades of gray.